Petty Theft Lawyer Summerfield, NC

At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, we are devoted to understanding the local nuances of Summerfield area Petty Theft cases. When you face a Petty Theft case, you want as much knowledge and versatility on your side as you can attain. We study Summerfield area court rulings consistently. After many years, we have seen every tactic in the book used by the state. Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law is a strong advocate during the discovery phase of the trial. No element of your case will go unchecked. 

Here at Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, we posses intimate knowledge of Petty Theft cases, gained from our many years of experience helping the Summerfield area with their legal needs. Whether representing adults or juveniles, we are committed to bringing the same great quality to all those seeking our Petty Theft legal guidance. 

If there is one thing you do not want to do it is to realize that you should have found better legal help in Summerfield when it is already too late. Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law can help you create a strong defense that can improve your chances of a successful outcome to your Petty Theft case. 

Instead of trying to fight the criminal justice system alone, get some help from a dedicated, knowledgeable and reputable Petty Theft firm in Summerfield by contacting Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law for a consultation. By reaching out to us at Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, you are making the move to work with representation that will defend you vehemently and will work diligently to ensure that your rights are upheld at every stage of the criminal justice process. With Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law in Summerfield, your case will receive individualized attention, a strong defense strategy and the benefits of many years of experience and quality legal help. Neither our track record, nor our success rate at Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law in Summerfield can be matched. You will find that we are well respected within the Summerfield community, and are recognized by our peers and appreciated by our clients.If you have any questions or concerns or would like to set up an appointment with us, please contact us at:

Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law  

210 E Lexington Ave

High Point, NC 27262

(336) 848-4465

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