Felony Lawyer Colfax, NC

At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, we understand that every legal situation is unique, and we take the time to gather as much information as we can about your case in order to identify your options and tailor our representation to help you reach your goals.


While each Felony situation is unique, at Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law we know our clients all need the best possible representation. We make it a priority to get to know you and your life in Colfax, all so we can have a better idea of who we are representing and how to best represent you in court.

Trust Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law to help you through your Felony charges. We have seen plenty of clients who are overwhelmed, and rightfully so, by their Felony charges in Colfax. We know that our over many years of experience gives us the upper hand when it comes to helping you. 

Call Us Today for Professional Felony case Defenses!

In the Colfax area, Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law is know for being able to provide defenses that have left our clients facing reduced charges or no charges in their Felony cases. To get this level of satisfaction and relief, call us at (336) 848-4465, or visit our offices at 210 E Lexington Ave and you will get many years of experience working for you in your Felony case. 

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