DUI Lawyer Jamestown, NC

We are Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, bringing our many years of experience to clients form all over the Jamestown area. We excel at providing aggressive DUI defenses, thereby comforting our clients in our ability to give them the results they want. With our experience, we know how to deal with courts and prosecutors in Jamestown.

At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, we provide a highly dedicated and efficient defense so your case will be the success you hope it to be. DUI cases can go all sorts of different ways, but with us on our side, your goals will be the focal point of our defense team in Jamestown. Let us be your go-to legal team in Jamestown. 

Finding the right representation for your DUI case is important. When you are charged with a crime it can potentially affect your for the rest of your life, so working with a Jamestown lawyer from Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law can improve your chances of having a better outcome. 

Get legal help today!

Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law is here to make sure your rights are observed and respected while you go through your DUI case. We provide legal aid ad guidance to clients throughout the Jamestown area. Do not hesitate to give us a call today at (336) 848-4465, or to visit our offices at 210 E Lexington Ave. 

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