Criminal Law Firm in Thomasville, NC

At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, our Criminal legal professionals work to tip the scales of justice in our your favor. We make use of innovative legal strategies that we have learned over our many years in order to protect you and minimize the impact of a Criminal charge. 

At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, our goal is to inform our Thomasville clients of their options and to position them as favorably as possible for their Criminal case. We do not want them to be simple bystanders in their own Criminal case, instead we prefer them to be active in the research areas so they can gain intimate knowledge of the procedures and everything that is happening.

Our Criminal firm takes much gratification in its many years with its involvement with diversion and treatment programs, depending on your circumstances it can keep you from having a criminal record. At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, we relish that our Criminal firm has familiarity with alternatives to convictions and jail time, such as supervision and drug court. After a complete evaluation of your case and background, our Criminal firm can discuss your eligibility for these types of programs. At Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law, no option is ever off the table because Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law will view your case from every angle.

Work with our team!

We at Thomas Smothers, Attorney at Law want to provide you the service that countless clients from all over Thomasville have gotten to enjoy. Give us a call at (336) 848-4465 and we will discuss your Criminal case and determine what the best course of action would be in order to get you the results you want. 

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